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      At Ranger Guard & Investigations our licensed Investigators handle extremely complex to very simple cases. Our seasoned investigators have the ability to intermingle traditional and contemporary methods of investigations to ensure the information provided is true, correct and efficiently obtained.  Our office is equipped with the most advanced databases only accessible to licensed investigators and law enforcement.  The Ranger Guard & Investigations team will provide you with a free consultation to give you an idea of what our investigations company has to offer.  No investigation is too big or too small and we will handle your case with integrity, thoroughness, efficiency, and confidentiality.


      We provide comprehensive investigations that encompass both digital and traditional investigative components to ensure that you are able to gather the evidence you need.


      • We are experts in surveillance, backgrounds, and undercover work
      • We are the go to source for computer and mobile device forensics
      • Our private investigators have decades of experience in not only the corporate world, but also as former law enforcement and as IT experts
      • You don’t need to hire multiple experts at greater cost.

      When it comes to finding the truth, no one does it better than Ranger Guard & Investigations. We are a full-service private investigation firm that has the experience and knowledge to handle most any investigation. We will find you reliable and trustworthy results that support significant personal and professional decisions and outcomes. Whether you have a nagging suspicion or need physical evidence to prove your case, you can rest assured our investigators will get the job done.


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    • All investigators of the Ranger Guard & Investigations staff are proud members of the Trustify investigator network.