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      In today's world, it's important to be vigilant when it comes to staying safe. Whether a company suspects employees of stealing or a spouse is suspicious of a possible affair, getting the necessary answers to these questions in a timely manner is crucial. Rather than leave the task to investigators who are inexperienced or too busy to give your case the time it deserves, let us here at Ranger Guard & Investigations put our years of experience and knowledge to work helping you find answers to pressing questions. 

      Investigative Methods

      Whether a case is very simple or extremely complex, our team is up to the challenge. Since our investigators have years of experience in law enforcement and military operations, they are able to use traditional as well as innovative contemporary methods to solve cases. Having access to advanced databases used only by law enforcement and licensed private investigators, we are able to gather and analyze information in ways other investigative agencies simply cannot do for their clients. 

      Integrity and Confidentiality

      Needless to say, when it comes to any type of investigation, integrity and confidentiality must be at the forefront. Because of this, we hire only the best and most qualified personnel as investigators. Using extensive background investigations, aptitude tests, and other methods, we make sure our investigators are the best in the business. By ensuring we have investigators who are reliable and trustworthy time and time again, we can ensure our clients will be given the outstanding and confidential service they expect and deserve.

      Investigative Skills

      No matter what type of case our investigators are given, they have experience in using a variety of investigative skills to help them arrive at the answers awaiting clients. Since there are many methods available today to get answers to the most complex questions, our investigators are constantly training on the latest state-of-the-art techniques and equipment. With technology becoming such an important part of society in so many ways, it stands to reason it plays a big part in any investigation. As a result, we rely on digital and traditional investigative methods and skills in all cases. Because of this, there is never a need to hire multiple experts, which when done results in much greater costs than are necessary.

      Decades of Experience

      By using only investigators who have passed our rigorous training standards and have been hand-picked by our executive staff, you can be sure they will put their decades of experience to work for you in the best possible manner. With their various backgrounds, our team has the skills needed to handle background checks, surveillance of even the most elusive people, and undercover work in any type of environment. And along with these skills, we have also gained a reputation as being the premier security and investigative agency in the Houston area for those clients needing help with computer and mobile device forensics. One of the hardest and most complex areas of private investigation, we have the IT skills not found at most other investigative firms. In fact, many of our most experienced investigators have extensive IT backgrounds from the corporate world, and in many cases also have decades of experience in various aspects of law enforcement. 

      Personal and Professional Decisions

      When the decision is made to begin an investigation, clients realize the results may greatly determine how present and future personal and professional decisions are made. Nevertheless, it is imperative to find answers to the most difficult questions. So when an individual makes the decision to pursue answers to difficult questions, they often think of us here at Ranger Guard & Investigations. While it can be difficult to find out a trusted employee may be embezzling or stealing merchandise, or that a spouse thought to be faithful is in fact involved romantically with another person, ultimately the facts must be revealed to those seeking answers. Therefore, using the reliable and trustworthy team here at Ranger Guard & Investigations is a must for many types of clients.

      Free Consultation

      Rather than sit back and hesitate to find answers that can solve complex problems, schedule a free consultation with us here at Ranger Guard & Investigations. After discussing your situation, we will give our professional opinion of what needs to be done, and let you decide if you wish to pursue a case with us. If you decide it's time to put the best investigators in the business to work for you, give us a call at 713-357-8225 or contact us.

    • All investigators of the Ranger Guard & Investigations staff are proud members of the Trustify investigator network.