• Loss Prevention in Texas

  • For many retailers, shoplifting is one of the most persistent problems they face on a daily basis. As an example, since stores generally operate on a razor-thin profit margin of only one or two percent, having one expensive item shoplifted often means an additional 50 of the same item will need to be sold to make up for the cost differential. Because of this, stores now place a tremendous emphasis on developing effective and safe loss prevention programs. But to do so effectively, the services of experienced and knowledgeable private security officers specifically trained in loss prevention procedures are needed. If your store or company finds itself facing a shoplifting or theft issue, here are some ways a loss prevention program can help with safety.

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  • Customer Safety

    When customers choose to shop in a particular store, they expect to be presented with a safe atmosphere. This is especially important regarding shoplifters, since they often take great risks in order to leave a store without paying for their merchandise. As a result, one of the most important aspects of a loss and prevention program involves having undercover loss prevention officers on duty in a store. By having these officers on a sales floor, customers and employees can be made much safer. To ensure this happens, Ranger Guard and Investigations places a premium on training these officers in such areas as criminal law, defensive tactics, undercover surveillance methods, deescalation techniques, and other methods aimed at maintaining a safe atmosphere while pursuing and apprehending shoplifters. 

    Confidential Investigations

    Unfortunately in many situations where theft of merchandise is an issue for a store, the problem often stems from employees themselves doing the stealing. When this happens, an investigation can be made even more difficult, since it may be problematic to keep the investigation confidential until the suspects are caught. In these situations, stores will rely on the professionalism and integrity of an experienced and knowledgeable loss prevention detective. To make the most of these investigations, hiring detectives from Ranger Guard and Investigations can ensure all information pertinent to an ongoing investigation will be kept confidential at all times. In fact, many of the detectives assigned to these cases have backgrounds in law enforcement, guaranteeing they understand the important role integrity will play in solving a case.

    Liability Issues

    While loss prevention officers in these situations can detain but not arrest alleged shoplifters and thieves themselves, they are allowed to detain them in a manner that will be safe for everyone. But to make sure this occurs, they must be trained in proper methods of apprehension and restraint, as well as be aware of Texas criminal law and policies of the company or store where they will be assigned. In doing so, this will limit the chances of any liability issues arising if an apprehension becomes necessary. Along with this, all loss prevention detectives assigned to a client by Ranger are properly licensed and certified by the Texas Department of Public Safety, which can be crucial should a lawsuit be filed based on the apprehension.

    Risk Management and Identifying Hazards

    In many situations where a loss prevention audit is conducted, one of the main issues is being able to identify ways to make shoplifting and theft harder to accomplish. This is particularly important in storage areas and warehouses, where surveillance may often be more difficult to conduct. However, by hiring the services of Ranger Guard and Investigations, a loss prevention audit may produce many significant results. For example, by closely examining warehouses and storage areas, Ranger security personnel can recommend various types of high-tech video and audio surveillance systems that can be used in these areas. Along with this, recommendations can be made as to how these areas can be transformed to make them less inviting to in-store thieves. By working with Ranger Guard and Investigations to conduct an in-depth risk management survey during a loss prevention audit, shoplifting and employee theft can be greatly reduced.

    Rather than continue to deal with shoplifters and employees who are taking advantage of easy opportunities to steal merchandise, it makes far more sense for retailers to use the services of Ranger Guard and Investigations. In doing so, well-trained uniformed and undercover officers can conduct surveillance and investigations at a store or facility, ensuring a problem can be solved as quickly as possible. To reduce theft and keep your customers and employees safer in the process, contact us for a security consultation. To do so, visit www.securityguardtx.com or call 832-924-8311.

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