• Mobile Patrol Services in Texas

    • For owners of retail, office, and residential living properties, one of the biggest problems they face on a regular basis is theft or vandalism of equipment or other property. When this happens, not only does it reflect poorly on the property owner, but it also results in increased costs that are ultimately passed on to tenants or customers. Along with this, insurance premiums also rise, creating additional burdens on the owners. To solve these problems, many property owners are turning to private security firms such as Ranger Guard and Investigations for assistance. When they do, they quickly discover that by utilizing well-trained security personnel to provide mobile security patrol services, insurance premiums often decrease by as much as 20%, and rates of illegal activity also decrease substantially. 

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    • Why Use Mobile Patrol Services?

      Though many property owners continue to rely on police to conduct patrols near their locations, more and more are finding police alone cannot provide adequate protection 24/7. Because of this, mobile patrol security services provided by Ranger Guard and Investigations often help in many ways. For example, by using patrol vehicles that are highly-visible and well-marked to resemble police vehicles, an instant deterrent is given within an area, making it difficult for vandals and others to commit crimes.

      Random Patrols

      To make mobile patrol security as effective as possible, Ranger Guard and Investigations bypasses many traditional methods of private security patrol. Instead, we rely on random patrols of properties, which over the years have proven to be very effective in preventing vandalism and other crimes. By having our patrol officers conduct their patrols at different times and using different routes, it becomes impossible for anyone to know when or where they will be at any given time. Thus, no clear patrol pattern can be established, making the property much safer for everyone.

      Activity and Incident Reports

      For property owners and managers, daily activity and incident reports are crucial to staying informed as to the happenings on their premises. In addition to simply letting them know what has transpired on their property, the reports acts as legal documentation that can be used in court for lawsuits or if criminal charges are filed. To make sure these reports are as accurate as possible, Ranger Guard and Investigations customizes these reports to fit a client's needs, and makes sure reports are created and sent electronically to clients on a daily basis, helping them stay aware of any issues involving maintenance or other unusual incidents. 

      Verification of Patrols

      In years past, clients could only assume their properties were actually patrolled on a regular basis by their security guards. As a result, many incidents and other activities often went unreported due to unreliable security personnel. However, as technology has made its way into private security, Ranger Guard and Investigations has embraced this trend and used it to give clients tremendous peace of mind. To ensure accountability and trust in our security patrol services is maintained, all patrol officers are required to use a state-of-the-art electronic reporting system to verify their patrols took place as expected. Using smartphones and other mobile devices, all officers photograph various parts of a property as they conduct their patrols, then post in in real-time to a client-access website. By doing so, clients can be sure their properties are being regularly patrolled.

      Supervisory Reviews

      Along with having well-trained and reliable private security patrol officers at their properties, all clients of Ranger Guard and Investigations are made aware supervisory personnel are also on the job as well. No matter the time of day or night, security supervisors are available to review all reports submitted by patrol officers, answer client questions, and provide additional guidance or instructions on matters that may be very complex. Along with this, security supervisors will immediately discuss any unusual incidents or crimes that may have occurred with clients, and offer suggestions and solutions to various problems. 

      Experienced Personnel

      To make sure we offer the best mobile security guard patrol service in Houston and the surrounding area, Ranger Guard and Investigations is committed to hiring security personnel who come to our agency with many years of experience as police officers, military intelligence officers, and military combat veterans. In addition to these high levels of experience, we also use numerous methods to ensure we hire only the best. These include not only specialized aptitude tests and extremely strict drug testing, but also extensive background checks to verify all information provided by applicants is truthful in every sense.

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