• Unarmed Officers

  • Unarmed Security Officers

    Unarmed officers are able to maintain high levels of safety. Because of this, more and more clients request unarmed officers to protect their buildings, employees, and residents than ever before.  Ranger Guard & Investigations make it top priority to hire the best people for these positions.

    Certified and Licensed

    All of our guards are certified, licensed, and insured to meet state qualifications. Because we realize the importance of hiring only the best and most qualified applicants, we go above and beyond the standard screening process, performing numerous aptitude tests, drug testing extensive background checks and much more. Our clients rest easy, knowing those who are in charge of maintaining their safety are the best guards in the industry.

    Supervisory Personnel

    Ranger Guard completes multiple random site and guard inspections by highly trained and experienced supervisory personnel, to ensure all clients service satisfaction. Our supervisors are on duty 24/7/365 days per year with customer service and safety being their top priority. 

    Professional Standards

    Ranger Guards maintain professional standards, always presenting a professional appearance and demeanor. Most of our officers are former Law Enforcement Officers or Honorable Military Veterans, bringing with them their skills and extreme discipline to work protecting their fellow citizens.

    Training Methods

    To make sure our guards are trained to handle any situation they may face, we choose to have them undergo a variety of training classes before starting their first assignment. For example, since terrorist attacks are a concern in today's United States, all guards must undergo and pass a 10-hour Anti-Terrorism class. And in addition to this class, guards also must take and pass 24 hours of training in both Defensive Tactics and Patrol Techniques and Criminal Law. And finally, all guards are also thoroughly trained in Customer Service, which we feel is ultimately what determines the success of our company. By having guards who realize the importance of keeping clients satisfied, an assignment can be completed to everyone's satisfaction.


    Using community policing tactics as well as our own unique Enforcement Through Reinforcement techniques, Ranger Guard & Investigations personnel are very approachable to patrons, residents, and employees. Between foot patrols that use undetermined patterns and verbal tactics that can usually deescalate most situations that could turn volatile, our guards provide safety and security that is unmatched by other firms.

    Industry Compliance

    Working in conjunction with the Texas Department of Public Safety, our firm always works to meet the liability insurance guidelines as well as other regulations that are so important within our industry. This also carries over into the appearance of our guards, all of whom are required by us to wear police-style uniforms that are neat, clean, and pressed at all times, have polished shoes, and be neat in appearance regarding haircuts.